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My project has a large number of raster images (.bmp, .jpg, and .sid formats). I am using v. 13. Currently, I am simply loading the files where they are listed under a group in the Map Control Center. Many of the images overlay each other at different scales. I often work with one map, occasionally two or three blended together. The program suggests that I set up a map catalog to increase efficiency and speed loading the files. I've created a map catalog but I fail to see any advantages. I seem to missing something here. Are there more instructions on how to use the Map Catalog? Currently, the catalog simply displays all of the layers for a selected window view. I have tried to zoom to specific map but that doesn't seem to work. Is there any way to view a single map? How to I select specific maps or blend them like I can do with the images listed under a Group in the Map Control Center?

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