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Do you anticipate a vector export option that will write directly to Garmin's .img format?

I have files that contain several open lines that translate into track files if I export to gpx and on into the device (Montana 650T). Points translate into waypoints through the gpx option. Of course they show up on the device as too many separate files to deal with in the field. I can rasterize them but lose transparency. I have also rasterized the base aerial with all the line sets on top but resolution is not that great for the lines and points. Global Mapper does a great job of separating and editing the line sets through the control panel and options functions and in exporting each set to gpx.

My goal is to edit and "package" a series of lines into a single .img file. I would do this for each of the single purpose sets of lines. I am now doing this by exporting each of these linesets to its own gpx file then running the gpx through GPX2IMG (Zineer Media Ltd.) which is a neat but apparantly defunct little app. It converts the gpx to img and installs itself in Garmin MapSource as a MapSource map product (see view menu). From there I can further edit and install img into the Montana. Or, I can simply copy the img file to the Garmin folder on the device.

I'm dealing with about half a dozen different apps that do either "this" or "that" but none does both "this and that". Global Mapper is by far the strongest and most robust platform to handle the job.


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