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will photoshopped rectified image retain rectification after relaoding?

craigdoll Global Mapper UserTrusted User
after rectifing an image and saving it to file, can one open it in PhotoShop and edit the image with out losing the rectification?
I know, all I have to do it for myself to find out, but can we?


  • Matt
    Matt Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited July 2012
    If you save the "world files" and do not change the resolution of the image when you edit in PS, you can do what you are asking. However, the georeferecing information will no longer be embedded in the image file.
  • craigdoll
    craigdoll Global Mapper User Trusted User
    edited July 2012
    thank you for that
    If i understand correctly that it is no longer embeded in the file but stays in the world file so that one can reload the edited image into the Workspace at the rectified location?

    basically what I'm referring to is if one have a trail map of a conservation area and wants to keep only the trail to vectorize, and conservation area border to crop the overlay to... but needs some of the roads and intersections and points initially in the image for the purpose of rectifying... can one then reload the PS edited map with everything else erased but the trail and the border to the same rectified position and layer...

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    So long as you keep the file pixel dimensions the same, the world file is all that you need to (I would export a PRJ file too so you don't have to manually select that) maintain the same location. If you change the dimensions in PS you would have to manually edit the world file, which I would try to avoid if at all possible.


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