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Minna projection?

JackiHocum Global Mapper User
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I have a set of coordinates that I would like to read into global mapper in order to transform them. The information that I have indicates they are in Minna projection. My research leads me to believe that is UTM 32 south. I have a translation factor to convert them to WGS84 datum. I tried to create a datum, but when I read my file, I get the message "coordinate out of range". I am unfamiliar with Minna, and suspect that I am reading the file incorrectly so I cannot convert them correctly. I would appreciate any suggestions or insights.


  • global_mapper
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    There's no need to create a Minna datum, there are two specializations of it (one for Cameroon and the other for Nigeria) already built-in to Global Mapper. Are your coordinates lat/lon values or in a grid system? If lat/lon just select Geographic for your projection and select the appropriate Minna datum. If a projected system, they may be UTM 32S (UTM zone -32 in Global Mapper) , but with the appropriate Minna datum.


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  • JackiHocum
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    Ok, my problem was not understanding that Minna is a datum. I was looking for it in the incorrect place. I am still having problems reading the data without getting coordinate out of range. I will have to try to get more info on the projection that my coordinates are in. Thank-you for your quick response.
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