export of overlapping rasters

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When local raster layers overlap with an online source--NAIP--it is not clear which gets exported.

Changing layer order does not seem to affect behavior. Online naip seems to download even when local layer is above it. Not clear from what little feedback the export message offers.

What I'd like to happen is only grab online image when superior layer does not overlap--that is, do not grab online layer when it is not visible (and merge where layers intersect within a tile)

Possible--without first exporting online imagery as raster?



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    You should get whatever layer is on top at each location, so just move your local raster layers after the NAIP layer in the Control Center, then the NAIP layer should only show through where there aren't any layers on top of it. If any of your top layers have any kind of blending or transparency enabled the underlying NAIP layer would still download so it can be blended with the data on top, but if it's completely opaque it shouldn't even download except where needed.

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