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Digitizer Tool Question

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Love this tool BTW.

This tool works fine when I am in a current session but when I save a .gmw file and close Global Mapper and then open that workspace file at a later time, I run into a problem.

If I open the Overlay Control Center I can see "created features overlay" layer is there and I can see the square black line showing on the workspace area but if I try to export a raster image using Export Bounds and then Crop To Selected Area Features, I get an error pop up wind that reads "There are not currently any area features with either the Digitizer Tool or the Feature Info Tool".

I need to find a work around for this or something. I have obtained more current imagery for my terrain but I used the Digitizer tool to create the grid and I need to image to match up exactly with my exported terrain. The only way I can do this I believe is by using that same Created Features Overlay.

Please help - thanks.


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    You just need to select the boundary area before exporting. Just switch to the Digitizer Tool and click in the area or drag a box across the boundary to select it, then the 'Crop to Selected Areas' option should work as you want.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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