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The accuracy of XY conversion accros UTM

darvas74 Global Mapper User
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Dear Sir,

I am from Indonesia,
I have the a lot of seismic data across 3 UTM, those are UTM 48, UTM 49 and UTM 50.
I use datum WGS84. Most of my sesmic lines are laying on UTM50, so I prefer like to use UTM50, instead of using UTM49 as the mid zone.

My question then:
Is there any error of accuracy if I convert my data across 2 UTM zone for instance from UTM48 into UTM50?
If so how much it is?

Should I use the UTM49 as the "mid area" to get the best accuracy (in term to have most correct and reliable position on earth)?

Please help, I need it immediately.

best regards


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    While the view can be a bit distorted as things will angle up quite a bit as you get far from your UTM50 zone center, you shouldn't really lose any accuracy 2 zones out. You would get a less distorted picture using UTM49 or really a better projection entirely for data that spans that much longitude.


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