default.prj and default_rectification.prj

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I am using a default.prj in c:\Programme\GlobalMapper13_64bit, works perfect.
When I place a copy of that file renamed to default_rectification.prj into the same folder it is not recognized,
but when I move it to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\GlobalMapper it works in the rectification-tool.

So is it true that the default.prj belongs into the app-path and the default_projection.prj belongs into the user-path?

If so - it is a little bit funny, especialy because someone needs admin-rights to write into the app-path...

An other isue is that every time I whant to change the projection of a dataset in the overlay control center GM13.2 keeps me asking ***WARNING *** WARNING *** *** Do NOT USE TO REPROJECT ... even if I check the Dont Show this Again Checkbox (Windows 7).


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    I have updated the default.prj search to also check the App Data path (after the .exe file path), so you can store it in either place. I have placed a new build at with the latest changes for you to try. Simply download that file and extract the contents into your existing v13.xx installation folder to give it a try. If you are using the 64-bit v13 version there is a new build at .

    The Projection tab of the Options dialog should only be used if a dataset came in with the wrong projection. There were always a huge number of support issues with people thinking that was how you reprojected data, so that warning dialog will always come up in each instance of Global Mapper. If you check the 'Don't Show this Again' box it won't show up again in that instance, but will reset to show for the next run since people would just turn it off without reading it, then send in a support question when reprojection didn't work how they wanted. Are you using this tab a lot? In general it should be very rarely used.


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    I need to change the projection quite often, because I get a lot of shapefiles with no .prj-files and have to guess what projection ist the right one. So I try out the 3-4 usual suspects by leaving the dataset loaded and just changing the projection until it fits. But it is not a big isue and I can understand that you dit it that way!
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