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Can we Create Web Application with Glober Mapper SDK?

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Can We create Web Application using Glober Mapper SDK?if yes can anyone provide sample of web application
and want to show 3d view in web application.

waiting for reply.


  • global_mapper
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    You can create a web application using the SDK if you are running on a Windows server. A typical use case would be to use the SDK on a back-end that renders map images in response to user actions on the client, then delivers those back to the client. There is not however a way to use the 3D viewer of the SDK interactively through a web client. You would have to have some sort of 3D display engine that ran client side in the browser and then could get data over the web that might be served by the SDK on the server side, but nothing that the display of the SDK could help you with in side a web client.


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