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Hello all,

As I daily work with projection epsg codes, I am very glad that we have the "Metadata -> EPSG code" option offered by the GM software. However, I often noticed that GM does not recognize the epsg code of the projection. My next step in this case would be to copy-paste the data contained in the prj file here:

I know they have the API listed somewhere. Would it be possible to integrate this type of epsg determination to enhance the functionality / results presented in the metadata info? (as in, to boost GM's number of recognized EPSG codes)

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    The issue is indeed simply that Global Mapper doesn't know about all of the EPSG codes. What is more likely now that Blue Marble has acquired Global Mapper is the integration of their EPSG database technology which has complete and up-to-date support for the entire EPSG database.

    For now you can of course add your own EPSG definitions in the epsg_codes.txt file that allows custom EPSG code definition. This is in your install folder.


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    Ok Mike, thanks for the info. It's good to know that!

    Best wishes,
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