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Printing Raster

biggiea2000biggiea2000 Global Mapper UserPosts: 9
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When I export Raster data with User Created Vector features, the size of the lines and text are not the same as in Global Mapper as in Photoshop after exporting. I use Photoshop to add additional content and for printing capabilities. Is there anyway to know the size of the lines and fonts before exporting? It can be real time consuming to have to edit all features and re-export.


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    When you do an export to a raster format from vector data (like User Created Features), the vector data will be the same size IN PIXELS on the exported file as it is displayed on the screen in Global Mapper. So if you have a line that is 3 pixels wide, it will be 3 pixels wide in the resulting file. Note however that depending on the resolution that you export out, 3 pixels may be vastly different sizes in absolute ground units, like meters.

    The same applies for fonts, except that you can set up fonts to display a fixed number of meters in height rather than pixels, which may alleviate the font problem for you.

    One option that you might consider is using the File->Print menu command and printing to a file. When you print, Global Mapper will maintain things like line widths and font heights at the same size in displayed inches on the screen in the printout, which is possible here since there is an actual target device (i.e. the printer) unlike during a normal export operation. You could then use the results of the print-to-file operation in Photoshop and mark that up.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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