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It seems that I can't use the GM_LoadOnlineLayer function properly. I'd like my application to load either SRTM or GDEM data only, letting the user specify the bounding values.
So I call GM_LoadOnlineLayer with the appropriate server name, and a NULL bounding rectangle, as it is specified in the doc that if either the name or the rectangle is NULL, the user will be asked.

status = GM_LoadOnlineLayer("SRTM Worldwide Elevation Data", 0, &layer, 0);
status = GM_LoadOnlineLayer("ASTER GDEM Worldwide Elevation Data", 0, &layer, 0);

But all I have is the whole data set, with no bounding value specification possibilities.

If I call

status = GM_LoadOnlineLayer(0, 0, &layer, 0);

I do have the GlobalMapper dialog popping up.

What's wrong with my call ?



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    Sorry the documentation is wrong, it no longer works that way. Now if a recognized source name is provided at all you won't see the dialog, you will just get that source with either the specified bounds or the entire data source bounds if none are provided. If you want a particular source with some bounds, just show a dialog in your application to get the lat/lon bounds from the user, then pass that in along with the source name.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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