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Exporting EXIF image direction data from georeferenced photos

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I am experimenting with the global mapper feature to load georeferenced photos taken with an iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a directional icon was included in the display.

When exported as KML for Google Earth, the directional data is lost. Is there any way to add that to a KML export for display in Google Earth? Directional icons do not seem to export to pdf either.

I found that .xyz (text) format includes img_dir in degrees (it appears to be from north). Do any other formats support exporting the directional icons for display outside of Global Mapper?



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    There isn't currently a direct way to export the directional arrow to another format, it is a special display thing in Global Mapper for the EXIF picture points. You should get the IMAGE_DIR attribute which you can export. I suppose if you got tricky you could edit the points and change the symbol to a custom arrow symbol pointing straight up, then export the points to a CSV file. Edit that in Excel or a text editor and rename the IMAGE_DIR column to SYM_ANGLE. You should already have a SYMBOL angle indicating your arrow (or whatever) symbol. Then reload that and the arrow symbol should be rotated based on the SYM_ANGLE value. That would export to a KML file just fine.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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