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"Generate 3D features using elevation data" : problem

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Here’s my problem : I’ve tried to create a 3D shapefile using Global Mapper 10, using a 2D shapefile and a Dem file. The 2D shapefiles contains buildings aeras.
After loading the Dem and the 2D shapefile, I exported a new shapefile, and selected the “Generate 3D features using elevation data” option. As result, I got a dbf file (+ shp, etc.) without any “Elevation” attribute.
I tried also to export a Dxf vector file, selecting the same option : the result was flat again, without any 3D objects.
Is this normal or have I done any kind of error during the process ?
PS : sorry for my english which could be quite unperfect !

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  • global_mapper
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    I wouldn't expect an ELEVATION attribute in this case but instead actual per-vertex elevations added to each vertex of the building features. If you open the SHP files exported from Global Mapper and select one of the areas with the Feature Info tool, then press Vertices, do you see the elevations associated with each vertex?


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