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Coordinates in Margin

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I'd like to have a way to put the UTM (or other) coordinates in the margins of a map as opposed to over the actual map data. Additionally, it would be great if I could rotate the coordinates to be perpendicular to the lines as opposed to on the lines - combining this with the ability to put them in the margins would allow me to make more professional looking maps. Currently I have to put a white background behind the coordinate numbers or else they are difficult to read.

Also, sometimes when trying to find the right grid spacing I am given an error that says if GM accepts my desired grid spacing, it will result in too many lines. It therefore defaults to the 'auto' setting which gives me extremely wide gaps between the grid lines. I frequently have to play around with the numbers and do a 'trial and error' test until I find a number that GM accepts - usually much higher than I would like. This usually happens at tight scales (around 1:1000) and I deal with UTM (if that makes any difference).

I'm using the latest release and haven't been able to find solutions to either of these problems. If anyone knows of workarounds or features that I'm not currently aware of it would be appreciated.


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    Better grid line display options for more professional looking maps is definitely something on our todo list. What you might try for right now is using the option in the Digitizer Tool to create a regular grid of features, then creating a grid of the desired spacing covering your area of interest that way. As part of that option you can create point features at the grid line intersections and have those be what is labeled, then you can orient the labels however you want. It is still not perfect, but it can be better than the normal gridding.


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