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SHP points linked data display GM v12.02

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Grappling with a fairly basic data plotting challenge at the end of a large research project. I have a regional study of archaeological data on a site level of point plotting from several jurisdictions - sites SHP as point plots, that forms the one side of a one-many data model. The other data table contains all the info on a particular class of artifacts that i am analyzing to visualize regional trends in distributions. The artifact attribute data table links to the sites point file via the "site" field.

successfully tackled all the normalization quirks with data in varying geomatic standards from different jurisdictions - GM handled that very nicely! My study sites displaying great on a regional base map generated in GM.

The trick now is being able to link up to my detail table (anywhere from one to a few dozen artifacts per site) so i can generate thematic maps showing intra-regional trends in the distribution of artifact styles. I understand that pie charts and bar graphs are not possible. I can always tart up basic thematic display maps in Corel for that.

But... I still need to access and display some of the analysis attributes by linking to the artifacts table to prepare those maps for export and final mark-up. The major need is to change display symbol (ex screen size or colour) symbol based on value ranges in the detail table. Have been scouring the GM forum for threads on this and have not found a solution. Hoping there is still some way in GM 12.02 to enable linking detail data to a SHP file of point data and display based on attribs in the detail table? Appreciate any suggestions..even if it only gets me half-way there.

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    It sounds like what you really need is the ability in v13 to join an attribute table to loaded spatial data (sorry it's not in v12). In v13 you can right-click on the layer in the Control Center and select to join a table, then merge in a text/DBF attribute table with a loaded spatial dataset based on some join attribute. Once the attributes are there you could then setup styling based on the attribute values on the appropriate Styles tab of the Options dialog for the layer.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the good news...much better than i thought. Will put ver 13 on my list and look forward to it.

    Thanks as well for an amazing mapping product and community that just keeps getting better!

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