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The problem is that I convert the terrain data into stl and other formats such as .dem and .dtem but GAMBIT could not read them. My goal is to analyze the flow over the terrain, in other words it will be wind resource assessment for the chosen terrain data on FLUENT. That is why I need smooth surface from imported data.

I have .xyz format data which expands 25km*30km*677m. And I tried to make this terrain data formed surface, but I could not. And if possible I want to mesh it in GlobalMapper. Then I want to export it in readable format for FLUENT program. How can I do that ?

Also, how can I crop one random rectangular area in GlobalMapper, and make it .xyz format data?

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    Do you get an error when gridding the XYZ data? You should be able to pull it in and grid in Global Mapper, but if it is really large you would want to use the 64-bit version of GM as it can handle much larger data sets. You can then export it to any supported gridded elevation format, including a new XYZ gird file. You could also import it as 'Point Only' data and then use File->Export Vector Data to export a new CSV or Simple ASCII Text File menu command to get the XYZ out. For any export use the Export Bounds tab to specify what portion of the loaded data to export.

    I'm not familiar with the FLUENT application so I don't know what format limitations that it has, but likely it supports at least one terrain format that GM can export.


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