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I have some suggest as geology engineer and loving to use GM
1-I think creating elevation grid by triangulated methods, may be in later version via kriging or inverse distance(for izohips and izopach maps)
2-much more geological symbol, litological symbol(except for external raster) may be base symbol(lime,sand,clay,gravel stone, marble,schist,granit,volcanic ...) in fact it would be great thar the symbols created(built) in GM
3- may control center be floating on left or right , like "layer" as some gis software(arcgis or mapinfo)



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    in addition last thread
    show the dimension likedimension.png
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    Thank you for the suggestions, many of them are already on our todo list.

    The v13.1 release already includes the last request. You can enable the display of area and line segment lengths on the map on the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog so that you can see the length of all segments when you zoom in.


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