Lebanon Coordinate system not found

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I am new on this forum and this is my 1st thread
I have about 1000 shapefiles in folder schema i want to reproject it from lebanon coordinate system to wgs84 zone 36N, the shapefiles are exported using arcgis 9.3 with the UTM system but the global mapper cannot read the prj file so i tried to define it manually but when i used thhe batch convert/reproject tool from file menu in global mapper and after defining the output coordinate system and after adding new datum with the 7 parameters i found that my shapefiles are shifted whereas in arcgis it reprojected to it true location using the same parameters.
How i can solve this problem?
thanks for any help.


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    Can you provide the PRJ file that you comes with the files for the Lebanon coordinate and also the parameters you are using to define the custom datum? It sounds like the transformation is being setup wrong. There are 2 different standards for providing the sign of the rotation parameters for 7-parameter datum transformations, so you may have to swap the signs.


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