Complex line styles in geospatial pdfs

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Whenever I export a PDF file it seems that all the lines, including dashed ones, are converted to solid lines. Is there a way to get more complex line styles into the the PDF?

I am trying to emulate in GM what can be done in Inkscape (and I believe Illustrator) by overlaying lines with different styles; for example putting a red dashed line over a solid white one and then that combo over a slightly wider black one to create a highway. Or for that matter use just a thin dashed line to represent a trail.

When I look at the documentation for QuickPDF it looks like dashed lines are supported. Maybe the functionality is in GM and I am just not getting to it.

My impression is that while I might be able to export my GM created maps to Inkscape or Illustrator and set up the line styles I want there I won't be able to get to a layered geospatial pdf from them. So, I am hoping to work fully within GM to do this.



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    I would expect simple line styles (i.e. dash and dot only) should get saved to PDF files like that. More complex styles will be converted to solid though. Are your lines using a normal dashed line or some other style that might just involved a dash?


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    Yes, I was using a "complex" dash style, the one labelled "Dash (Long, Wide-spaced)". Plain "Dash" and "Dot" do indeed work as expected. I chose "Dash (Long, Wide-spaced)" because on-screen those dashes looked a bit more "square", creating a style I thought looked a bit more like a highway.

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