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Sorry about this but I seem to be having some issues controlling the labels for Area Features. I have various Area Types that represent map coverage of different lithologies. I want to place labels in the center of the areas or, in some cases, off center - as needed. The labels are plotting but I can't seem to control the position. Also, when I go into the Configuration box, under the Area Styles tab, I find that the font control keeps rolling back to a default or original setting that the data came as (like Arial, regular, 10 (font)). I can change the fonts and it seems to work - presenting the data as I set (except for the position). However, when I go back into the Configuration box and try to adjust the font (Select Label Font) the changes I made before are gone and it is reset to the original setting. This is also where I can seem to get the label position to change within the body of the area.

Under the Modify Feature Info box for a selected area, I can select Specify Style and the font does not revert. Again the position control does not seem to work. Perhaps the position control is really designed for a point feature rather than an area feature. Maybe the tool could be modified where an outline of the feature would show up with a dot representing the position of the text in the area. The point could be moved to the desired position. The program would simply have to know the new text position coordinates. All other functions should be unaffected.



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    So you are changing the default label font for one or more area types on the Area Styles tab of the Configuration dialog, pressing Ok or Apply, then the default label font for that type is reset to the original when you come back to the Area Styles tab? I'm not able to reproduce that, my changes for each type are sticking.

    The Label Position setting is indeed only for point features, it doesn't apply to area or line features. Area features are always labeled at a selected label location inside the area, typically at or near the centroid of the area. To customize labeling for areas you would create a point feature for the label rather than directly labeling the area, then make the symbol 'No Symbol' for the point and set the label position and text up as you want it. You can automatically create points with the area label at the centroids of the areas by selecting them with the Digitizer Tool, then right-clicking and selecting the option to create points at the centroids of the areas.


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