Lagging or crashes if Map Legend is displayed with large Catalogs

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GM 13.01 b022112 Windows XP Pro (all SPs and HFs applied)

I have a few map catalogs with large numbers of features.

For example,

ENC Catalog (0.8 million features in about 165 files) (0.2 million areas, 0.2 million lines, 0.4 million points)

SHP Catalog (3 million features in about 1147 files) (1 million areas, 1.5 million lines, 0.5 million points)

The display of these catalogs has always been extremely fast since I am only viewing 1 or two files at a time.

I recently started to display the Map Legend and I think that is when the problems started. The program becomes unresponsive and the memory usage increases. I usually kill it once it reaches 2GB or memory and it is hammering the hard drive.

I did see the legend draw once with hundreds of entries. Obviously this is not what I wanted. Is it possible to have an option to ignore the catalog vector types? Or is there an existing work-around?

Basically I want a Legend for all layers expect the catalogs.


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