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These are two things that would be extremely useful to our program, potentially saving upwards of a dozen man hours per job. First, I'd love to be able to record actions and replay them later (like Photoshop Actions). We have to do a lot of processing which requires the same steps over and over with no variation to every image/shape in our scene (which can be a lot). If I could do it all once while recording, and then play those actions back with each image one at a time, it would be hugely time saving.

Second, a batch execution tool would be a great addition to the first suggestion. With this I would be able to select multiple images or features in the Control Center and it would run my action on all of them, one at a time. The combination of these two features would mean automating a large and intensive part of our workflow, and I can imagine the same would be true for a great deal of your other users. Thanks again!


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    I think there are a lot of 3rd-party applications out there for recording macros for replay if your items are at the same location on the screen. Would that work?

    For the rest, have you looked at scripting in Global Mapper? You could create a script that does what you want and name it as a .gmw so that you can just load it as a workspace (which is just a script). To make it run on selected items in the Control Center I could pretty easily add a new parameter to the scripting to indicate that it should run on layers selected in the Control Center if everything else that you need is there. See for details on scripting.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Wow, that's definitely something I will look into. Thanks a lot Mike!
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