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mbarbee Global Mapper User
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Hi, just found an error on this website for purchasing an upgrade:

This website:

mid page reads:
Upgrade Policy
All upgrades that have the same major version number as the version that you purchase are FREE! For example, if you purchased Global Mapper v12.00 you can simply download any new versions of Global Mapper that are version 13.XX. Your registration code will continue to work for all new versions with the same major version number and you will automatically have access to all of the new features in the new version.

In the first sentence you refer to two different major version numbers and say that the upgrades between them are free while at the same time saying that they are not because they are different major version numbers?

Thought you should know. I would like it to be true since I want to upgrade from 12 to 13.xx for free :0)


  • PaulTocknell
    PaulTocknell Forum Administrator Unconfirmed
    edited January 2012
    Ha, you are right. That is a serious typo!

    Thanks for letting me know. It has been corrected.

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