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I'm using Global Mapper v12.02 and I am having difficulties exporting my model to an image format that shows data scaled at a high resolution. The size of the area that I am mapping is about 50 miles wide by 25 miles. I have both raster image data and vector data. I also have symbols-markers. When I try to export the file to an image format it take a very long time and the scale of the symbols and text size is a lot different than shown on the screen. I would like to get a final image that can be printed out on a large format printer. The size of the printed map will be about 11' wide by 5' tall. I have been messing with this for way too long. I need help. I guess that I could upload the files so that it is easier to understand my problems. In short, I don't understand how to set the output settings when a map is exported to an image.


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    The text and symbols will by default stay at the same number of pixels in height, so on a printer that has a much higher DPI than the screen the text will be physically smaller than on the screen. If you have your text and symbols instead set to be a fixed height in meters on the map then they will scale. You can edit the styles for the features using the Digitizer Tool, or another option to get them to scale automatically based on the DPI difference between the screen and printer is to use File->Print and print to a file after selecting the appropriate paper size for your destination printer (or just print directly).

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