Volume calculations for area - option based on vertex elevation

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I have been doing a bit of rough calculating of potential borrow volumes from a LiDAR surface. Partly I was inspired by the webinar last week.

After a quick search on the forum, I read the tip on subtracting surfaces and then performing a volume calculation based on "0" to determine the relative cut-fill between two surfaces.

My question/suggestion: this seems like one or two too many steps. When performing a calculation of volume based on a lineal feature, the option to Specify Base Height to Use at Each Vertex will give volumes relative to that line's vertex elevations. When doing the analgous calculation with an area, that option is greyed out and calculations must be done referenced to sea level. That difference means the method mentioned above of subtracting surfaces first is required. Would it be possible to get calculations based on vertex enabled for areas?

Thanks for considering.


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