Get all elevations from an elevation layer

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Would it be possible to add a function to get all elevations from an elevation layer in one call? With the current GetLocationElevation you're not guaranteed to get the elevation from the layer you want (if it's not topmost), I suppose. Also, it would be nice to get the whole grid in one call.

Also, I just added the Vector Options dialog and SaveWorkspace functionality to an application I use for a lot of my work. They were both great improvements. Thanks for adding those to the SDK, and thanks for your help.



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    While there isn't one call to do this, just call GM_GetPixelElevationRow for each row of the elevation file to save the elevation data in your own buffer. Should be a very simply loop from 0 to the layer height from GM_GetLayerInfo.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks for pointing that out -- sorry I didn't see it before. Yes, that works perfectly. Mainly I wanted to make sure I was getting elevations from a particular layer.

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