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I need to remove the interior of a grd.

Diego_Geo Global Mapper User
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Hola Mike !

I can cut How the internal information of a GRD file defined by a polygon (kmz, dxf, dwg)?
I know use the "crop to selected area feature (s)", but that only allows me to cut the outside, now I need to remove the interior.
Example, the polygon defined hills. Because I need to remove the mountains, to calculate the average height of the area.


Sorry for my English, I use translators to Google!



  • global_mapper
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    What you can do is create an area covering the whole terrain layer, then add your interior area to that as an island/hole using the Digitizer Tool, then you can crop to that area now with a hole in it so you get just the part outside that hole.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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