Problem in acessing network shared gmw files

zmalolzmalol Global Mapper UserPosts: 11
edited January 2012 in Technical Support
I use GM on my three machines (2 desktops and laptop). My data are stored in shared folder of Dropbox. On every machine path of the main Dropbox folder is different (see below). On two desktop compurers (Win 7 and Win XP) there is no problem to open any GMW files which include paths of file. Gmw files are created on both computers. I can not open shared gmw files on laptop (Win 7) - I get message informing that gmw file contain incorrect path.

Dropbox paths:
Desktop 1 C:\Documents and Settings\zmalol\My Documents\Dropbox\GM data\ProjectDEM
Desctop 2 F:\User_data\zmalol\Dropbox\GM data\ProjectDEM
Laptop D:\Dropbox\GM data\ProjectDEM


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