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MichelNoel Global Mapper User
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I suspect that this problem has been addressed in the Forum but I could not locate it...

Is there a way to cancel all projection corrections inside Global Mapper so we get a completely flat and square grid? Global Mapper's Equirectangular does not work as it introduces some corrections as per this example:
I have a DXF with a closed 2D polyline (elevation set at 0) drawn in an unknown projection/grid system (not lat/long). The irregular geometry gives an area of 7731498 and a perimeter of 12347 m in Autocad (no projection specified, thus square and flat grid) while Global Mapper gives an area of 7731499 m2 and a perimeter of 10339 m. I am puzzled that the areas matches but the perimeter does not. Any explanation? Can Global Mapper be set to operate in a regular square grid?




  • samknight
    samknight BMG Staff
    edited November 2011
    Hello Michel,
    All coordinate systems in Global Mapper are geodetically based, so presently there is no way to work in a flat earth system. However, for measurement of distances in your native ground system, if you have assigned a coordinate system (in your case, Equirectangular) you can right-click with the Measure Tool enabled to select "Use Grid Distance for Distance/Path Display". This will calculate distances using straight grid coordinates, so the projection won't matter.

    Sam Knight
    Blue Marble Geographics
  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    I'd like to welcome Sam and congratulate him on the first official Global Mapper support response on the forum that wasn't from me!


    Mike Childs
    Global Mapper Guru
  • PaulTocknell
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    That is a pretty big milestone! Nice job Sam!
  • MichelNoel
    MichelNoel Global Mapper User
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    Thank you for the information and the quick reply.
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