Exporting DTED data into STRM(.hgt) format

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Hi all,

I am new at the forum, I wanted to export the DTED data into SRTM(.hgt) format in order to have detailed elevation data to be use in flightgear which excepts .hgt format. Any clue friends.

I have seen there is a possibility of data conversion in vise versa i.e: From SRTM to DTED, but I want it from DTED to SRTM??


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    If you are using v13 you can simply load your DTED data, then use File->Export Elevation Data and export SRTM HGT format files.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • Hello,

    This is old, but I have tried this solution. I load a dsm in Geotigg format. It all look good. I export to SRTM, and reload, and I get a crazy result (altitude at 28,000m...)

    Any idea what I am doing wrong? Do i need to make sure I am in the right projection first?
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    Try checking the elevation units when you import the Geotiff and again when you export the SRTM. With some file imports GM defaults to an inappropriate elevations, perhaps mm when it should be metres. Make sure you change the default to the correct units. When you export, again check units.
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    Sorry, I never saw your answer. I think this is the issue. My DSM was in MTM, and it bugs. In Geogrpahic, it seems to work.

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