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Having Problem Creating Buffer -- V13.00 Build Sep 12 2011 23:24:43

chuckchuck Global Mapper UserTrusted User Posts: 82
edited October 2011 in Technical Support

I am having issues when trying to create buffers.

For example: I have created area polygons and I wish to show a buffer -330 from the edge (a line that is 330' inside the perimeter). When I use the tool the results are poor and incorrect. The newly created line contains numerous artifacts and errors in it (see attached images). When I create a line feature from an area, I get the intended geometric results - however, I do not get a buffer that is -330...I now create a buffer zone on both sides of the line feature regardless of specifying negative or non-negative values (see attached images).

I am attaching the results of both steps. A) creating a buffer from the area; and, B) creating a buffer from a line that was made from the area.

Please advise...

Thank you in advance.


PS I will also e-mail the png files to support - they are hard to read as attached files.


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