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Mansur Global Mapper User
edited October 2011 in Vector Data

I'm working on an GDB (Test) File from Swiss-Govermental Data "Swisstopo".
They deliver Data in:
cityGML --> From GlobalMapper not Supported
DXF --> Supported
GDB --> Supported.

When I try using the DXF Fileformat it works, but looking with the 3D Viewer from GM fails. It does not show correctly the height of the (3D-)Objects in it.

When I try using the GDB Fileformat I get an error:
Unable to load overlay
This release of the GeoDatabase is either invalid or out of date.
The ESRI File Geodatabase library does not support GDB files from ArcGIS v9.x or earlier. You will need to convert your GDB data set to a newer version using ArcGIS v10.x or later to make it readable.
ESRIFileGDBOverlay.cpp - 925
Version: v13.00
Build Time: Sep 27 2011 13:13:12

How to find out the Version of the GDB File and can I convert the (maybe) Old file Format in the newer ArcGis 10.x?

How to handle the DXF so I get the correct Object Heights?

Is it possible to Export such Objects to Google-KMZ?



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