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WCS download dimensions

marco.busetta Global Mapper User
edited September 2011 in Bug Report
with new version 13 is no longer possible to set "download dimensions" in "Select WCS Source to Download" window.
There is a grey "AUTO" in width and height fields.

To test I try this WCS service:

This AUTO setting would be very useful to download the complete set with original resolution (2 meters), but unfortunately it returns only GeoTIFF with very low resolution.

Thank You


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited September 2011
    Which v13 build date are you using? The AUTO setting should get the full resolution of data from a server that specifies the resolution. For the server that you specified it correctly identifies 2m as the native resolution. So long as you aren't trying to download an area that results in too huge of a downloaded file (currently 65,535 x 65535 is the largest allowed) you should get the full 2m resolution. How large of an area are you trying to get?


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