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To my work the Image Swipe Tool (GM v13) is a great addition to my preferred GIS program.

I often handle a huge amount of map data covering the same area resulting in many layers and catalogs. The process of separating and selecting the correct map to work with is a very time consuming task.

Here are some thoughts on how I see Global Mapper can become even better in this area:
- Add a option to expand and collapsing maps from catalogs and KMZ files in Overlay Control Center and Image Swipe Tool.
Now GM display all JPG files inside a KMZ but on the other side only show the catalogs filename (not what is inside)

- Add an option to hide the visible map at the cursors (also inside catalogs) when using the Swipe Tool.
Now you have to see the file name in the status bar and manually hide the map using Overlay Control Center.




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    Thank you for the suggestions, I will add them to the todo list.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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