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Polish Geoportal WMS problem

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When I'm opening WMS service (Polish Geoportal raster map service) for example TOPO_50_92 the layer bounds are shifted north and east - I can not reach the southern and western parts of Poland. Metadata option in Overlay Control Center says:

WEST LONGITUDE=13° 46' 11.1641" E
NORTH LATITUDE=56° 57' 21.4102" N
EAST LONGITUDE=30° 20' 6.0208" E
SOUTH LATITUDE=49° 57' 29.5581" N

but this bounds are shifted.
Something is wrong...
This service is working OK and it's from Polish geoportal too.

Best regards,
Wojtek from Poland


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    I've seen this before with this source. If I remember correctly the lat/lon bounds of the data layers specified in the GetCapabilities document from the server are incorrect (the X and Y coordinates are swapped I believe). That needs fixed on the server end.


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