v13Beta 2 freezes when using escape to abort NED download

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When attempting to load US 10M elevation data (NED) from the list of online data sources, the first tile loaded and no more. I attempted to abort the download using the escape key. This prompted the Windows to show (not responding) in the Global Mapper window title area. After waiting 5 minutes for Global Mapper to respond, I forced it to quit.


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    Is this repeatable? It sounds like for some reason the server did not respond while downloading a tile. The ESC key only works in between tiles, so if it was locked up and waiting for the timeout for getting a single tile the ESC key wouldn't do anything until the tile download actually timed out, which should be about 5 minutes. However this data comes from the www.globalmapper.com server which I would not expect to go down, unless there was a connection problem between your computer and the server somewhere.


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