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I might be missing the obvious but I cannot run any scripts from a batch file without Global Mapper exiting right away. What I want to do is Have Global Mapper run from a script file, open a Surfer GRD file and show the 3d Viewer.

I have a script that works but when run from a batch file it loads and exits immediately. Can i make it run such that the batch file launches and leaves the program windows open? Is there a list of command line arguments documented that i am not finding?



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    Whenever you run a .gms script from the command line it automatically runs with no interface and immediately closes. To open the user interface, name it as a .gmw (Global Mapper Workspace) instead and it will run and leave the interface open.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Sorry to ask, but can you give an example on how to run my "delete_tiles.gms" script from batch wit and w/o the interface.

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    Just pass it on the command line. For example for a batch ran in the same folder as the .gms file, use:

    "C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper14_64bit\global_mapper14.exe" "delete_tiles.gms"

    That should run the script file with no interface and immediately return. Note the path to the .exe may be different for you.


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