Export GeoTIFF 4GB limit

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- Several GeoTIFFs
- 1 shape file describing the "cut-out" areas

Export all raster- data within "cut-out" areas - outside set to background color.

When selecting all areas and trying to export I only get the "4GB size limit". However selecting half of them, and export. And then the other half and export, it is possible to export.

I believe that the 4GB- size error message counts the file as being filled with data - and does not consider the fact that 90% of the image is background colored and will compress very well. Is there some way to change this so I can export all areas into one file? Or is this message related to another fact that GeoTIFF- files can only have a limited number of tiles - and this limit is exceeded when working over large areas?

Another way to do it is to export each single area within the shape-file to a new GeoTIFF-file, however I have to select them manually or write a script to do this.
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