Import .pdf files is slow.

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When importing .pdf files Global Mapper is extremely slow, especially in comparison with importing .tiff files. I know that I can export the contents of a .pdf to a .tiff to get speedier importing in Global Mapper, but that gives me two base files to keep track of instead of just one, and is one additional step.

Can the import command be sped up in GM, or is it something we just have to live with. I am using GM V12.01.

Keep up the good work. GM is a great program with great support.



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    Currently the PDF import is much slower than TIFF as the entire file has to be loaded and rendered up front due to how our PDF library works. TIFF files can be read on the fly so they are much faster. We don't really have a way to speed this up and maintain the full display resolution.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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