Effective control of KML export of a layer?

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When exporting my layer artwork to a KML file I am using the Control center dialog to disable all but the one layer of interest, then adjusting the visible area to reflect the entire section of map I am working on. Then, in the "export bounds" tab of the "KML/KMZ Export Options" dialog I set the radio button to "All Data Visible on Screen" and do the export. I then reverse all this and go back to work editing things.

If there a cleaner way to simply export all the content found in a given layer? (That is without jumping into the API and pragmatically doing this, not quite just ready for that step)


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    If you uncheck all of the other layers in the Control Center, just do the export with all loaded data. It will just export to the bounds of all active layers, which would just be your one single layer.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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