Copy/Paste and Projection Error

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I predominately use Geographic NAD83 for my universal projection. I recently had an instance were I needed to remove some area objects from one session of GM12 to another. I used the Edit > Copy on the menu and with a clean start of GM12, I pasted using Edit > Paste. My Geo NAD83 objects when pasted became UTM projection.

The pasted objects began life as UTM, but I converted them to Geo NAD83 in the source file long before my Copy/Paste session.

I believe this Copy/Paste behavior is incorrect, the Projection should retain the source Copy projection.


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    Changing the projection on the Projection tab of the Configuration dialog doesn't change the native projection of your data, it just changes the display projection of the data. When you copy features to the clipboard they are stored with their native projection and will keep that when pasted. Just change the display projection in your other workspace to Geo NAD83 to view them in that projection rather than UTM.


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