Where (what file) are the user created features (UCF) stored in?

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How are user created features (UCF) stored in the various files? I see how to turn this on and off with a layer control that seem typical with other tools I have used, but I am not quite clear on where the created data wild be kept (and once I can figure that out will try to export that and that alone without the steps of making it the only thing shown on the screen).

I see I can treat and manage these layers, but am missing what I would call a master object model viewpoint of what the tool does with data the user has created. I am poking around in the workspace script and do not see anything that is likely there either.

Do not find anything to hang my hat on in the help section or the 'meta data' dialog but see the normal project and bounding box sorts of meta data. Where is the actual feature data kept?

I am hoping to come to understand this so that my own "value add" layer can live in a file we give to other.


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    User created features and any edits are stored in a workspace file, just not in anything documented in the script reference. It is basically a complex binary format for the new and edited data in the workspace UUencoded for use in a text file. The same format is used internal to a Global Mapper Package format for vector data.

    If you want it somewhere else, just export the data to a file in the format and location that you need.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    I think I am getting a more coherent view now. I create a layer as needed, set its projections as needed, then add my line work using the digitizer tool (over a base map), save it (into the workspace as UUencodes bytes) and move that to a export files for further use, perhaps an augmented KML format. Others can import that to their work space as needed. I presume there is also a flow to make these features into a stand-alone map it its own (not a custom layer in the workspace), but will learn more about the tool first. Thanks for making my first day with the tool productive.
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