How does Global Mapper export the NLCD LULC 2001 data to a seperate file (dbf, txt)?

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Dear all,

I have Global Mapper V12 installed on my machine. I downloaded the National Land Cover Data (NLCD) Land Use Land Cover (LULC) data for Florida State (florida_NLCD_erd032000.tif), containing 30 meter X 30 meter high resulution land class information.

I can open the florida_NLCD_erd032000.tif using Global Mapper. When I move my mouse on the figure/screen, I can see the lat/Lon, Land cover code for each cell. But I do not know how to export those information (the center location, and the land use class for each cell) to a seperate file, such as dbf, txt, or shape file.

Do anyone can give me a hint?




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    To get this in a vector format you need to right-click on the layer in the Control Center and select the generate equal value areas for the layer. You will then get area features for each land use code with the coverage of those codes. You can then export those to vector formats, like Shapefile.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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