automatic georeferencing a lot of tiles (perhaps with scripting)?

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I have about 1000 scanned tiles of a map as jpg. Each tile has exactly the same size and in the filename is the coordinate of the edges.
Is there a possibility to transform this tiles automatically in georeferenced geotiffs?
Perhaps with the globalmapper-scripting?
Or has anyone an example-script how to do this?

Thanks, Yosch


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    You can't do that directly with Global Mapper scripting, but it is probably a simple matter to write a script in some other scripting language. You would just want to create a world file (see for format) for each JPG file with the coordinates from the filename in it and the spacing that you already know. The rotation values would be 0.0. You could then load those into Global Mapper directly.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • yosch1yosch1 Global Mapper User Posts: 2
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    Hello Mike,
    I tried the scripting already. But with swissgrid/CH1903 the rotation values are not zero. With mapc2mapc manually referenced tiles are exact. I referenced several tiles and the had different rotation factors. So it seems that I need a complex algorithm to calculate these rotation factors.

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