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As part of my work I need to export dozens of raster maps to GeoTiff, PNG, etc. I use the export raster/image file and appreciate that the huge list of formats has been changed to a dropbox - great addition. However, it still gets tedious go to the file menu, then move down and click export raster. Would it be difficult to add a keyboard shortcut (just like for screen capture) to the export raster/image option? This is of course a personal request due to the number of times I use that menu option. Other people may want shortcuts for all of them, but I'll leave that to them to request.

One way I was thinking would be easiest (hopefully) is assigning 'Shift + E' for all export functions, then sub-shortcuts for the various types. So, for example, to export a raster map I would type 'Shift + E', then 'R' right after in a sub-menu. For vectors, Shift+E, then 'V'. I'm open to variations of this or just a single shortcut per function, but it was an idea.

I hope to see this implemented in the near future so I can save time during my exports.


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