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Accessing Bing Maps imagery

dawright Global Mapper User
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In Manifold, I can create a layer and link directly to virtual earth imagery and street maps via a url. Is it possible to do this in global mapper?

I have been searching for adding virutal earth as a wms in the forum but haven't found anything that describes how to to this yet other than some talk in 2007 about this being added in v12 that summer. I have version 11.02 which I bought in 2010 so am confused by the versions and releases.




  • global_mapper
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    In the v12.02 release you can add OSM, TMS, and Google Maps tiled sources via the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command. Although I can't build in access to Bing Maps or Google Maps imagery, there are URLs you can add to get that access. Someone else will have to tell you about them to avoid the wrath of the legal folks at those sources.


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