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I often merge and manipulate large elevation maps. This experience has influenced my wishes.

1. Always show the hourglass when GM is busy. In many cases there is no indication that GM is performing a time-consuming task.

2. Have a feature that creates a contact envelope around all of the items shown on the screen. It could be either line or an enclosing area, it does not matter which. Cutting out areas of an older map that are to be replaced by more recent data would be greatly eased.

3. Fully scrub memory as overlays are closed. Several times it is necessary to restart GM to perform a task, else the "out of memory" error is presented.

4. Have a means to enter degrees with fractions. Example: 98.5/32 . Quadranted maps are limited by quarters, eighths, sixteenths, etc. and the decimal equivalents get increasingly tedious.

5. A means to suspend screen updates while some operator functions are performed. Some busy screens require several tens of seconds to update, and one has to wait through these sessions many times in some cases.

6. Combining elevation values from overlapping maps by a user-assign priority scheme. Some elevation values are older and not preferred where newer values are in another map, but in some ares of the map, they are the only values available.

7. Permit the user to select PDF layers from the GeoPDF files. The GeoPDF from www.data.gov display all layers in GM. This clutters the screen with unwanted layers.

Thanks for considering my wishes, and if any are already implemented, please let me know how to exercise their benefits.

I love GM and depend on its functions greatly, so please don't think that I am complaining. Just wishing for more tools.



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    Thank you for your suggestions. Which operations in particular are taking a lot of time and not showing an hourglass or progress indicator of some kind? The intention is for long operations to show a progress bar is possible, or at least an hourglass, but it's certainly possible there are some events that I didn't anticipate would take a while that are now so some kind of progress indicator could be added.

    You can right-click layers in the Control Center and select the create bounding boxes from the bounds of the layers. Is this what you are referring to for a contact envelope?

    Whenever you close layers all memory used by that layer should be freed, there shouldn't be any left still used. The one issue that might pop up is if memory is fragmented if you are loading an unloaded a lot of layers, although that shouldn't happen in too many instances. If you are working with large collections of data I would suggest using a map catalog (File->Create New Map Catalog) rather than loading all of the files at once to reduce memory usage.

    You can specify degree coordinates as degree/minute or degree/minute/second values which should allow most of the common fractional values to easily be entered. For example 5/32 degrees is 9.375 minutes, so you could enter your coordinate as '98 9.375'. Just separate the minutes from the degrees with something like a space.

    If you press the Escape key you can abort an active draw at the next abort opportunity.

    The layering/priority of elevations is determined by their draw order. Just move the lower-priority layer higher up in the Control Center (i.e. earlier in the draw order). Then the higher priority layers that are later in the list will automatically be used where available.

    Our PDF library is currently limited to just showing a single rendered representation of the data in the PDF, so we can't currently extract different layers of data.


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