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Setting Up attributes from existing line features

albud1962 Global Mapper UserTrusted User
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I was looking for some general help and maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

I have an existing MP file which I want to us GM 12 to edit. I am adding a piece of interstate but I want to copy the attributes from the line its connecting to. Is there a way to select attributes for a feature without having to retype the attribute name and values? Can a new feature inherit the attributes of an existing feature?
Thanks for your help


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    What I would suggest is drawing your new interstate segment, then combining it with the existing one using the Combine operation of the Digitizer Tool. That should add the attributes from the first line to the new one.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • Noah
    Noah Global Mapper User Trusted User
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    What if I would like to copy certain attributes from a dummy line into a line. We set up dummy lines to designate a lane connection between two consecutive lines. The dummy line contains the number of lanes in the first segment and the second segment and the movement of lanes from segment 1 to segment 2. Dummy lines help mappers visualize lane movements but are deleted before the map is compiled.


    Line 1
    Coordinate (a,b), (c,d)

    Line 2
    Coordinate (c,d),(e,f)

    Dummy Line
    Coordinate (a,b),(w,x),(c,d),(y,z),(e,f)
    Lanes in Segment 1 = 2
    Lanes in Segment 2 = 1
    Lane Movement from Segment 1 to Segment 2 = 2>1

    I would like to copy the attributes of
    (a) Lanes in Segment 1 into Line 1
    (b) Lanes in Segment 2 into Line 2
    (c) The ID of Line 2 into Line 1

    Notice that the first and third coordinates of the Dummy Line matches that of Line 1 and the third and fifth coordinates of Dummy Line matches that of Line 2.

    Is this at all possible?


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