Calculating overlapping areas of an area feature

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I have an area shapefile (sample areas) with hundreds of features in it, some of which overlap. I have another shapefile (boundary ) for which I want to use as an intersect to identify how much of the sample areas shapefile overlaps on either side of the boundary shapefile. Is there a way to calculate this throughout all of the features in the sample areas shapefile?

Thanks, JBJ


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    You could export to a new vector Shapefile cropped to the boundary shapefile to get a new vector file with the original features cropped to the boundary area. Is that what you are after?


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  • Jason BendaJason Benda Global Mapper User Posts: 2
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    This may work. I would crop the data moultiple times, merge it back together and calculate the are. However, the overlapping polygons in the sample area file may get croped with the outcome of having more features then I had in the original file. I will give it ago.

    Thanks, JBJ
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